Antoine Souben-Fink

My Skills

Web languages

I'm programming in web languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript


I have created lots of apps using Node.js


I have created one app for in Swift. Just a basic Clicker but it stays an app!


Python is one of the most basic programming languages but can be powerful! I have programmed an AI using Python and Tensorflow!


The only way to program an Arduino card is the C. So I learned C.


Just programmed some games with Unity. You can try Deep in Mars, that's the game I developped for the Ludum Dare 48!

My Projects

Wear Your Tree

Wear Your Tree is a French brand created in 2020 with the aim of making clothing eco-responsible.

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Pronote Tools

A few tools for Pronote! For the moment, adds a dark mode and a profile picture changer.

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Material Mathgreen

The original mathgreen website misses some CSS. Fixed it!

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Mic Mute To Key

A little program that simulates a keyboard event when you mute and unmute your microphone.

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CPS Test

Just a webapp that shows how many clicks per second you do

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Portable APT

The famous Linux APT but without admin rights

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Deep in Mars

My participation to the Ludum Dare 48. The theme was Deeper and Deeper.

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